Friday, December 12, 2014

36 weeks pregnant today!

Bella has been sick the past few weeks with a cough but this week it has definitely gotten worse. I kept her home most of the week to try to fight it off but it looks like it's just running its looooong course. Now Vivi woke up with a runny nose and is congested so that's no fun. Especially when my in laws are coming tomorrow so they can spend the day and night with the girls while we have a mini babymoon in the city. I am going to feel so guilty leaving them. I was almost tempted to call her and tell her to not even bother but I figure you know what she has raised three kids of her own so Im pretty sure she can handle one night. My only qualm is that I hope she can hear them and wake up to them if they cry at night for whatever reason. 
I really want to enjoy one night out with Curt and sleep in a little late meaning past 6:30am with him! He is so sweet this morning he knew I needed to give the girls showers so he leaves towels for all of us on the door handle. 
Little things like this make me so happy. He is such a good Daddy to these girks. I have been really anxious about gettig this baby out this past week but I have also been a little nostalgic because it won't ever be the same once he comes it wont be the three girls anymore. I love our girl time together and things are definitely going to change very soon...of course for the better but it will just never be the same. 
I went to get a weight check on the baby for my 36 week sonogram this week. The baby was measuring at 36 weeks 1 day so only three days further along than I thought and he is weighing in at 6 lbs 8 ounces...who knows how accurate that really is though. 
We are so excited to meet him, I can't wait to see his sweet face!
I think today I will make Christmas cupcakes with the girls. They love to bake so I figure we should do something fun since we can't go anywhere. 
Have a great weekend!!