Monday, February 22, 2016

Almost spring cleaning and giving back

This past week I decided I really need to clean out my closet and start getting rid of clothes and shoes that I never wear. I cleaned out all of my clothes first putting in categories of what to give to friends who need things and what I can give away to charity. Every day I pass a Women's shelter on Greentree Rd. in Bethesda and decided I would really like to give my clothes to the women there. In high school I actually put hours in after school to help the children there. Some women who had children were there after school and needed help with homework or just to play with. It was a great place to help out and I had such great memories from there so I really wanted to give back. I had a lot of work clothes, some maternity clothes and some really nice suits with jackets. I hope with some of those clothes women will get jobs so they can hopefully leave the shelter. 
This morning I packed everything up  and headed out since Kenny decided he did not want to nap. 
We dropped off the clothes and shoes then went to the grocery store. I was shopping then I looked at Kenny's pants and they were completely covered in urine! I don't even know how he leaked he never leaks! I quickly finished shopping and just took his pants off in the car, changed his diaper and pulled his shirt up. Poor kiddo!
He ate lunch in the carpool lane while we waited for the girls to get out of school. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Pointless trip to the mall

Today I took Kenny to the mall with me and I was on a hunt for jeans and a new top. Kenny slept from about 8am-10:15am this morning so that left me with about a half hour to find these two items. HA! Yes, of course I walked away with nothing! I even shopped online before I went and found a cute pair of jeans at The Gap but of course when I got there they didn't have them! I then went to Express to look for a nice top, Curt and I have plans to go out for his friend's birthday on Saturday and since I haven't bought anything for myself in Forever I figured I could splurge and buy a way...didnt happen. I feel like it is so hard to find anything these days. Maybe I am getting old, maybe I am too conservative, I have no idea but I could not find anything that was remotely cute. So I went to Gymboree to use a gift card, walked away with a pair of adorable overalls and took Mr. Kenny to lunch. He ate spaghetti and meatballs then we had to rush to school to pick up the girls. Maybe I will try again tomorrow but it's pretty hard shopping these days with kids. I feel like I never have any time for myself. Some moms complain that they never have any time for themselves and they have nannies but I literally have no time for myself because I watch my children 24/7! I love my kids to death and would never trust or want anyone else watching them because I love being with them but there are times like this where I wish I just had a few hours to myself just to get a few things done. 

I can't believe my parents live across the street from me and literally never watch or offer to watch my kids. I get it...they have lives. They work ALL the time and they are incredibly busy but I wish they would sometimes help me or offer when they could. It's not easy. 
Tomorrow Vivi has swim in the morning and then Bella has a birthday party afterwards. Then it's nap time so I will have to stay home to watch them while Bella is at her party with Curt. Ugh. Never  enough hours in the day. 
Life is hectic and I know it will only get more crazy as they get older. I guess it's just up to me to figure out how to manage my time better. 
Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend and try to relax!
I love you.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Relaxing weekend at home

This weekend we had a lot of naps, snuggling up near the fire, making s'mores, cleaning, ordering in and watching movies. It was so nice!
I love my little family of mine. We rented a movie for them and they watched it a few times this weekend. Curt and I rented Cake but that was pretty depressing and Jennifer Aniston did not look her best. Curt took Vivian to her swim lesson on saturday and then to target. On Sunday we went out for breakfast and ate delicious waffles with fresh strawberries on top!
It's so nice to have down time with my family. There are so many weekends where we are constantly on the go and we never sit down to relax. Maybe this is why we have been sick now for over a month. I think finally we are all feeling better and I hope we stay on this track. 2016 started out really rough but I am optomistic that it will be a good year for all of us! I plan on keeping healthy by eating fresh food, exercising more and staying on budget (buying less). 
We have a wedding in the fall of 2016 that I have to go to and I dont really want to bring the whole family to mainly because it is right when Bella starts her first week of kindergarten. 
We wanted to take the kids to disney this year but Kenny is still very young so we are unsure. Then we might stay a week in Emerald Isle during the summer like we always do. 
Im not sure if these are really new years resolutions but I want to stay on track. I think we are doing a pretty good job so far! 
Sunday breakfast at The Original Pancake House
Bella not smiling :(

Kenny giving hugs and he even gives kisses on demand!

Thry love their daddy