Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Break is coming to an end :(

Back to school on Monday and I am already sad. Now I know how my mom felt at the end of the summer. My mom would always get sad at the end of every summer because she loved being with us every day. It's been so relaxing having our own schedule this week with really nothing to do I am going to miss it. Luckily, I haven't signed Bella up for anything yet for this summer. I think we will have lots of relaxing lazy days at the pool and then nice long naps! 

Today we went to Bella's friend's birthday party. We had so much fun today, the kids loved the moon bounce and they were exhausted by the time it was over. I saw lots of my high school friends and it was great to see them and catch up. 

The girls are at the park now with Curt and in a few minutes we will be heading to dinner. 
Our Easter Break is coming to an end :(
 Will post more pictures tomorrow from Emerald Isle, NC

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Days like today...

Days like today are difficult as a mom but I am so grateful my children are happy and healthy.

Today was a packed day we started off going to the mall to buy the girls sandals for summer. Then ran home to have lunch with Daddy, put the girls to bed. Then I had to wake them up early so I could bring Vivi to her 18 month check up at the Dr. Luckily I was able to drop Bella off at my mom's salon so she could hang out there while I took care of Vivi since I know she is a handful and would be shedding numerous tears from her shots. We were off to the Dr!
Of course as I was trying to keep track of Vivi they made me fill out forms since I just switched Dr.'s even though I had already filled out three survey's online prior to the appointment, had to give my insurance card then a co pay while Vivi was literally taking everything out of my wallet, money flying everywhere. Moments like this I will truely treasure. 
They call "Vivian" which sounds like angels to me. We go into the room which is adorable quilts all over and they have lots of pews, I suppose they were donated. There are zero toys, low mirrors for the kids. It is heaven. 
I truely hated my last dr.'s office because they had tons of toys, a train and all sorts of crap filled with germs and other viruses. 
Vivi was a sweetheart, she was so well behaved and even spoke a few words that the dr understood. She said "you are far beyond your months!"
Vivi is in the 95th% in weight :) and 75th in height.
Our new Dr. Roche is amazing she was like talking to an old friend and she looked just like Elizabeth Shue! I loved everything about Capital Medical Group but I loved their location the most, ittakes about 5 min to get there!
Afterwards, I ordered Moby Dick. Went to go pick it up. Then went to pick up Bella. Came home fed the kids, cleaned the kitchen, attempted to fix a bubble blower but it was broken, turned on an episode of Sophia the First and I had 25 min of pure silence. I regained a bit more energy enough to go take a shower with them after a few sips of red wine. Washed them, lotioned them up, dressed them, changed sheets since Bella leaked during her nap, warmed up milk, read two books and now I am writing! 
My husband was invited to go to see the Nationals game tonight. Boy is he lucky!

Nights like this are hard but they are easy at the same time. They are good girls so they don't give me a hard time, everyone is healthy and happy so I am fine. I am so lucky to have them in my life. Bella makes me laugh harder than I have laughed in years and Vivi is pure sweetness. She makes my heart hurt because she is so precious. I love them to death. I prayed with Vivi tonight that I hope God never takes her away from me while I am still alive and breathing. I hope she lives a long life and she is able to experience the joy I have with my babies. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hump day

Good morning!
Last night Curt and I watched the movie Wolf of Wall street and it was so good! I loved it, it was hysterical, who doesnt love a wall street movie? Jonah Hill was so good in it and Leonardo was amazing. 
It is a must rent!

We had so much fun yesterday after running to CVS and purchasing some plastic bowling pins and a bowling ball. That led us to several hours of fun on the porch, the girls were so happy and the   weather was perfect. Finally I feel like Spring is here, cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom...couldn't be happier.

Today Bella is starting her first day of soccer. It's six weeks long on wednesday after naps for 45 min. I just hope it doesnt rain today! 

I was teaching Bella how to line up the pins the correct way but she decided to actually put them in a line. Oh well!
My sweet baby listening to a story.