Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring cleaning

Out with the old and in with the new! 

I am starting my Monday off by cleaning the house while Bella is at school. Today she has picture day, cant wait to see how it turns out!
I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom today. I usually clean the toilets, sink every other week but this week I gave it a good thorough clean. Next will be vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen. The windows are open and fresh spring air is finally coming in!

This past weekend was lots of fun with the kids and very relaxing. We went to Aunt Jenny's house on Friday afternoon/evening for pizza. The cousins played together while we talked and had some wine. On Saturday it rained all day but I managed to make it to my gym class and to Whole Foods which made me feel accomplished. In the evening Curt and I actually had a nice dinner out at a restaurant without the kids and it was lovely! We talked about everything we have been wanting to talk about without being interrupted!
Yesterday we spent the morning eating pancakes and relaxing then I made it to Costco and Target while Curt stayed home with the girls. 
It's nice to get things done this weekend and start thinking about Spring Break coming up at the beach. I am really looking forward to getting away with the kids and spending some quiet time together.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Anxiety for the future?

Happy Friday!
I took Bella to school today even though she had a little runny nose but hey she has had a runny nose all year now. 

Monday is picture day and she already asked me this morning if today was picture day. 
I wonder if I should tell her things that are coming up. Part of me wonders if she is getting anxiety about the things I tell her about future events. I remember teaching my 3 year olds and I pretty much figured out not to tell the kids about anything mainly because some would get major anxiety about it and others couldn't care less. At times I think Bella doesn't care at all about things I tell her we are doing but last week we told her about the circus and she really didn't want to go. The day of the circus she was practically kicking and screaming about not wanting to go. 
I just think maybe I need to spring things on her the day of so she doesn't develop any kind anxiety. Do we shelter our kids too much today?  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Come on Spring

We have all been waiting so patiently for Spring to arrive. Where are you? Why is it taking so long? More importantly why is it still snowing? All i want are a few warm days maybe warm enough to wear capri's? Im not asking for too much am I?

I love Spring. The start to new beginnings new life and growth! I also love seeing the grass change to green and tulips blooming everywhere. 

Bella is doing soccer again this year. Hopefully I won't be chasing her around the field as much as last year like a sheep herder. It was a little nuts and on top of that I had a six month old baby who needed just as much attention. All of her neighborhood buddies will be playing so it should be fun and she is really starting to understand the concept. Curt is always kicking the ball around with her so we shall see if she is having fun this year with it. I personally don't think little miss bella will be a soccer player. She is built like a prima ballerina so I think she might get into ballet, dance, something like that. She seems to love music & dancing these days. Bella tells me her favorite part of the day at preschool is dancing. I am going to enroll her in ballet in the fall. I figure that will be fun and by that point it will be a real class without the mom's help so I think she will really enjoy it. Swim lessons in the Collins pool begin in a few months. Hopefully mama and daddy will do her best to teach her how to swim. 

Bella had a sick day yesterday she has a little runny nose and a cough. We spent a lot of the day playing tea party and resting up.
Nigh nigh viv

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Manicure and Pedicure

This has been one of the longest half day's of my life. It all began at 5:45am when I heard a gentle knock on my bedroom door. Bella was standing there with her blankie in hand talking a mile a minute. I gave her to Curt and headed back to bed for another 45 min. Curt took her downstairs and gave her a bowl of Froot Loops. I came downstairs had a bowl of Cheerios and my two cups of coffee, played with the girls and at 8:45 I told them they both needed to nap. I put Vivi in her crib and Bella in her room. Bella came out of her room said she had poop in her diaper. I changed her and put her back to bed. Of course two minutes later I hear her walking around because we took her crib apart so it is now a day bed for a toddler. Worst idea ever no thanks to my family who is convinced she is ready. I on the other hand think she needs to be locked up in her crib for atleast another year.
I come upstairs to find this...
Bella was so proud of herself. I ask her frantically, "where did you paint your nails?" She said, "in Daddy's room." (Note- daddys room not daddy and mommy's room)
I am completely freaking out at this point because I am convinced that I will walk into a room covered in red paint all over the walls and the carpet. 
I open the door and not a drop. I could not believe there was not one single drop of paint anywhere. It was a true miracle.

Part of me wanted to yell at her and the other part of me wanted to hug and kiss her for having such an amazingly steady hand for a two year old.

Vivi was of course awake so I got them dressed and took her to my mom's salon to get everything taken off. The lady doing her nails asked Bella, "is that better ?" She said, "no, I want to paint them." She said, "pink?" Bella said, "no, red."
She is unbelievable.
Afterwards we decided to give her a little haircut too.
After her spa day we hit up the Bethesda Library and then headed to Mama Lucia for a little pizza. Daddy met us there and the girls ate everything in sight!

We drove home, warmed up some milk and Bella fell asleep on the floor. 
I am exhausted but we had a great day. Love these girls, they certainly keep me on my toes!