Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What should I do for Valentine's Day?

Unlike so many people I actually really love Valentine's Day. Even when I was single I loved spreading love to my friends and family and would always buy them special cards or chocolates. Last year I bought beautiful mugs with pictures of the girls on them last year. Today when I took the girls to WF I bought my Dad chocolates because I know he loves them but Bella picked them out this time! This morning Bella had to go see Dr. Guzzetta at Children's Hospital to check on her incision (which is healing nicely) and we made him a thank you valentine out of a doily. I hope my girls take time out of their week or day when they get older to show people how much she cares about them.

This year I went a little crazy decorating around the house but hey I was a preschool teacher and I love to decorate! I also had fun making a heart chain for the mantle with Bella. 

This year I want to have a cozy dinner at home with Curt rent a good movie and snuggle under the covers. We have attempted a few times going out on Valentine's Day evening but we ended up not loving it because of set menu's so we actually prefer to stay home where we can be comfortable and still have an amazing dinner without paying double the price :) 
I just don't know what to make yet. I do know I will be making chocolate covered strawberries though! 

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