Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Date night with Daddy

Im sorry I have been so behind blogging. I feel like I never have a minute to myself because Bella is awake during the morning naps now and during the afternoon naps I am typically showering, cleaning, making dinner or all three. 

Bella is going to have inguinal hernia surgery on Thursday at Children's Hospital in the morning. I am sure she will be fine but it is still so scary putting my baby under. Hopefully her recovery will be speedy and she won't be in any pain. 

Today we are expecting a big snow storm 5-8 inches! I can't believe it we haven't had this much snow in three years. I wish I could put the girls in the snow but since we are so close to surgery I don't want to risk anything. Looks like we will be sitting around the house for the next week watching movies, playing and eating!

Last Friday Curt and I went to dinner for our date night at The Palm, one of our favorite restaurants. It was so good! I love our date nights because I fall more in love with Daddy everytime!
Getting ready with Viv
I finally wore my new high hells out!
Daddy's drink- old fashioned he thinks he is on Mad Men
No more babies mommy!
My dinner


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