Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vivi is teething and is not a happy camper!

Teething oh teething!

Babies teeth differently. When Bella was 6 months old she cried for about 2 weeks straight at night because she was teething. After those two weeks she had more teeth come in but she never cried at night about it. She was easy.

Vivian is a little different. I've noticed she is scared much more easily and is much more needy in general. She likes to be held and she likes tons of attention. When she was teething months ago she let us know she was up every few hours throughout the night crying. Recently this past month she has had about 4 teeth come in and she definitely let's us know how she feels. She had been waking up so much in the month of December. Just last night was the first night I didn't give her any Advil and she slept the whole night through. I think I heard her let out one cry at about 4 or 5am but she was quiet after about 3 seconds. 

It's so interesting how each child is so different from the next. I love these two little girls so much and I can't imagine my life without them in it. They may wake us up and I may have dark circles under my eyes but it'a all worth it in the end. I just try to tell myself this too shall pass! Soon they will be grown up and I will miss this age so much. 

These girls have been making me laugh so hard lately with the things they say and do. 

Here are a few: bella- "fank you." Thank you

Vivi: never do sit ups around vivi. She ended up laying on top of me biting my nose

Bella pulling the blinds down in the living room because she hasn't left the house in weeks!

Bella wearing her "uniform" her princess dresses morning noon and night! Yesterday she asked to take a bath with her princess dress on.

Vivi recently cuddling up in Honey's bed.

Bella said can we watch cinderella? I said no i just put on mulan. She said, "compromise with sofia?"

Curt said the tree looks terrible. I said yeah doesnt help when bella throws one of her books into the tree. 
Curt: "bella, you threw a book into the tree?!"
Bella: "yeah i didnt understand it!"

"Mommy the sun is in my eyes!!"- bella
Bella at Children's Hospital yesterday. Looks like she has a hernia and will need surgery this month :(
Celebrating Pop and Aunt Jenny's birthday on Monday Jan. 6th! 
Vivi cuddling in Honey's bed. I dont blame her it looks pretty comfortable to me!

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