Monday, January 13, 2014

How was your weekend?

This weekend we let the girls out of the house! Finally!!! On Saturday we woke up had pancakes then got dressed and went over to an old friend's house. She had a baby girl named Charlotte four months ago and she was just precious. Vivian had never been around larger dogs before so she cried the whole time! Afterwards we went to get lunch at Rock Bottom then came home and took naps. Later on that evening we had family and friends over for some homemade chili and football! The kids played and we had a good night but by 9:00 I was DONE! 
I am definitely getting older hahaha! 

Loving her blankie lately...little cutie
Playing with Charlotte
Playing with baby Romeo on Sat night
We started watching the red carpet Golden Globes but then it turned into playing with plastic drawers

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