Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hump day

Good morning!
Last night Curt and I watched the movie Wolf of Wall street and it was so good! I loved it, it was hysterical, who doesnt love a wall street movie? Jonah Hill was so good in it and Leonardo was amazing. 
It is a must rent!

We had so much fun yesterday after running to CVS and purchasing some plastic bowling pins and a bowling ball. That led us to several hours of fun on the porch, the girls were so happy and the   weather was perfect. Finally I feel like Spring is here, cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom...couldn't be happier.

Today Bella is starting her first day of soccer. It's six weeks long on wednesday after naps for 45 min. I just hope it doesnt rain today! 

I was teaching Bella how to line up the pins the correct way but she decided to actually put them in a line. Oh well!
My sweet baby listening to a story. 

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