Monday, February 22, 2016

Almost spring cleaning and giving back

This past week I decided I really need to clean out my closet and start getting rid of clothes and shoes that I never wear. I cleaned out all of my clothes first putting in categories of what to give to friends who need things and what I can give away to charity. Every day I pass a Women's shelter on Greentree Rd. in Bethesda and decided I would really like to give my clothes to the women there. In high school I actually put hours in after school to help the children there. Some women who had children were there after school and needed help with homework or just to play with. It was a great place to help out and I had such great memories from there so I really wanted to give back. I had a lot of work clothes, some maternity clothes and some really nice suits with jackets. I hope with some of those clothes women will get jobs so they can hopefully leave the shelter. 
This morning I packed everything up  and headed out since Kenny decided he did not want to nap. 
We dropped off the clothes and shoes then went to the grocery store. I was shopping then I looked at Kenny's pants and they were completely covered in urine! I don't even know how he leaked he never leaks! I quickly finished shopping and just took his pants off in the car, changed his diaper and pulled his shirt up. Poor kiddo!
He ate lunch in the carpool lane while we waited for the girls to get out of school. 

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  1. Just wanted to let you know you left a really insensitive comment on Stephanie Nielson's instagram about her being pregnant. You mightnotl is she's having diffulty and the last thing You need to do is tell her it came true in your dream. Dumb.