Friday, March 28, 2014

Anxiety for the future?

Happy Friday!
I took Bella to school today even though she had a little runny nose but hey she has had a runny nose all year now. 

Monday is picture day and she already asked me this morning if today was picture day. 
I wonder if I should tell her things that are coming up. Part of me wonders if she is getting anxiety about the things I tell her about future events. I remember teaching my 3 year olds and I pretty much figured out not to tell the kids about anything mainly because some would get major anxiety about it and others couldn't care less. At times I think Bella doesn't care at all about things I tell her we are doing but last week we told her about the circus and she really didn't want to go. The day of the circus she was practically kicking and screaming about not wanting to go. 
I just think maybe I need to spring things on her the day of so she doesn't develop any kind anxiety. Do we shelter our kids too much today?  

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