Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Anniversary and Birthday weekend!

It felt like a long weekend! Thursday we had our 5th Anniversary. Curt came home from work a little early so he took the kids to the park while I finished up his gift. I got him a beautiful frame with a picture of us from our wedding day and next to it was our invitation. I also blew up a big family portrait of us that I have been meaning to do for about a year! Afterwards we took the kids out for pizza since it felt like a Friday, came home opened gifts and had some ice-cream. Curt is a sweetie, he got me a journal. I first thought does he actually think I have time to write? Then I opened it up and there was a note from him that said he has been meaning to get me this for awhile but kept forgetting. When we first started dating he would come over to my house and wait until I fell asleep then he would wrote me a note in a small note pad I had on my desk and I would wake up to a special surprise every morning. I always thought it was so sweet and romantic. So now he got me a new book that he can start writing me notes in on the mornings he leaves early to go to work and I don't see him till dinner. 
Isn't that all girls want? Sweet and romantic gifts. We don't need lavish things to make us truly happy. 

On Friday for my 32nd birthday I came down with a little cold so we stayed in and got some Chinese food for dinner and relaxed then had some cake and ice-cream :)

On Saturday I was feeling a little better thank goodness bc we had tickets that Curt got us for a cruise along the Potomac. We had dinner on the cruise and we had lots of fun together. 

On Sunday I made a huge breakfast for my parents and we spent the day at the pool then had a big dinner there. 

Overall we had a great anniversary weekend and I had a great birthday spending it with my family :)

The smallest apple pie I have ever seen. 

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