Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Long weekend and rough Monday morning

We did a whole lot of driving this weekend. We went all the way to Oneonta, NY which is about a six hour drive for one of my best friend's wedding. Erica and I were roommates in college. She was such a sweetie and we got along so quickly and became best friends. It was a fun night hanging out with her family and friends on Friday night. Saturday morning we all woke up early, showered, ate breakfast and started getting ready around ten o'clock which quickly came. We got our hair done and our make up, it was such a relaxing day. Then things started getting crazy at 3:00 an hour before the ceremony but everything went smoothly and Erica looked beautiful. She was definitely a little wound up though which is probably pretty normal seein as how she had to plan the wedding herself along with her sister and her mom. After pictures were taken and she had a few drinks she finally calmed down and had a great time. 
Curt and I were really torn about what to do because we needed to be home by Sunday morning.  We decided it would probably be best if we left the wedding after dinner so we could drive to his parents house spend the night and then wake up early on Sunday to make it home in time. That is what we ended up doing. As much as I wanted to stay for the whole wedding it just didn't make sense for us. I was also pretty tired and couldn't drink or stay up late so it just made sense to leave early. 

We drove home at 5:45am on Sunday and made it home by 9:00. We were exhausted! Luckily I was able to nap during their nap time then take a shower. We wanted to do something fun with the kids since we had not seen them for two days so we took them to the mall to get Bella new shoes for the school year and then we went to the Rio in Gaithersburg. We walked around, fed the ducks and fish, had dinner at Rio Grande then got some ice cream and candy! 
Today I am beat! The girls have runny noses so we are staying in on this hot code orange day to make chicken noodle soup and play inside. Maybe tomorrow we will all be feeling better and ready to go to the park or the pool.
Here are some shots from this weekend. 

Sunday afternoon back in Md.

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