Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday at Church

We decided to go to church today. We do try to go whenever we don't have anything scheduled but it's been a very hectic summer so we probably haven't been to church in two months eeeeee that sounds bad.
We got the girls dressed, played outside for a bit and watched a new neighbor move in. Got snacks and water then got in the car. I am always hopeful when we go to church that it will be a good successful trip but Curt is a little hesistant but never says no. He knows he wants the girls to grow up going to church, have morals and believe in God. 
We started off pretty well they sat down for a few minutes quietly. Then they started getting bored. Vivian has lots of energy- energy like a boy has...never ending. She was going up and down our pew flipping through pages in the books, flirting with men behind us. Then Curt and I catch her smacking a woman on the back. (She likes to play a game with us where she sneaks behind us then pokes and or hits us and we pretend to be scared). Meanwhile I look over at Bella  and she asks in a loud voice "where is the real Jesus?" We lasted at church for about a half hour which isn't too bad but thought we better leave before we make more people angry.
We took them to eat brunch :)
They are pancakes and were happy little clams!
Curt and I thought maybe we need a few more months for Vivi to act a little better in church. We think November will be our goal. Sorry God.

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