Saturday, December 5, 2015

Friday Fire's all day

Thursday night Curt had his holiday party so he left to get dinner and drinks from his office at 3pm which meant a lot of fun for him. Haha
I had a dinner scheduled that evening with some girlfriends to celebrate two birthdays. We went to Barrel and Crow in Bethesda and it was really good, we ordered fried green tomatoes as an appetizer and they were delicious, I've never had them before. Then I ordered scallops as my entrée and that was really good too. We had a great time having girl talk and catching up, it's always nice to have a dinner out without the kids sometimes to really enjoy a meal. 

Curt had off the next morning so we were able to get some things done around the house while the girls were at school. They had picture day with Santa. I told Vivi that morning that Santa was coming to visit their school and Vivi was jumping up and down in excitement, she could not wrap her head around the fact that Santa was coming to see her! She couldn't wait to tell him that she wanted a Jasmine outfit for Christmas!
At 11:30 we picked up the girls early from school and we took them out for lunch at Old Anglers Inn in Potomac. It's probably one of my favorite restaurants to go to. I love the atmosphere in the winter and in the spring, it's beautiful. They had a roaring fire going right when we walked inside. The girls loved it! They sat us upstairs and to get up there you have to go up a winding staircase that is pretty scary. It's in a very old home the girls kept saying "thank you for taking us to such a fancy restaurant." Bella was loving every minute of it. They were in their Christmas dresses since they had a picture with Santa. They just looked like adorable little ladies sitting at the table. They had chicken tenders and fries :)
When we left we found a huge fire pit. It was really a beautiful day we probably could have eaten outside if we didn't have the kids
Afterwards we went home had naps then had some friends over to make s'more in our outdoor fireplace. The girls loved it! 
Unfortunately Vivi had a little encounter with a friend but she was ok. It's so hard when they are young and some kids can't verbalize their feelings. She just looks sad because she has lines streaming down her face from the scratch marks. Poor baby. 
All in all though it was a pretty good day playing hooky. 

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