Monday, December 14, 2015

The Nutcracker

This past Saturday I took Bella to the Warner Theater to see The Nutcracker. She absolutely loved it and was finally at the perfect age. I didn't take Vivi because I knew she would not be able to sit through it all and I didn't want to waste my money seeing as how their prices aren't exactly inexpensive. We went to the 2:00 show which was a perfect time. I was able to put Kenny down for a nap and Vivi was sleeping too. We called an uber ride with a car seat and we were on our way! I am loving uber in the city, it is so helpful and all of the drivers have been really accomodating and friendly. This driver put on kids bop, Bella loved it and sang the whole way there. She even told me during the show she couldn't wait to get back in the car again! Haha!!

We made it to the show in time and we had really great seats. We were on the bottom left stage area probably 8 rows behind stage. Yet it still wasn't close enough! Haha maybe next year I will try to get seats closer. The ballet was beautiful and of course I cried my eyes out throughout the show. This was more of a dream coming true for me. I always dreamed of taking my daughter every year to see The Nutcracker at that theater. One of the many reasons why I love my husband so much, I feel like so many of my dreams have come true because of him. 
We had so much fun, Bella was twirling and acting like a little princess the whole day. She would walk down the street holding her dress and men and women would giggle. Cutest thing ever.
She picked a little african american ballet dancer ornament (so precious) to take home with her.

Afterward we went to Chef Geoff's for dinner. She chose the steak and so did I. Bella is becoming such a sweet girl and she is fun to take out. She is 4.5 now so she listens to everything I say and is so much easier now. She rarely has meltdowns or cries while we are out. This is really the best year hahaha 2 and 3 can be rough!
Unfortunately Curt didn't have the best day. He stayed at home with Vivi who was pretty good but Kenny was so sick. He has had a fever now for five days so in a half hour I am taking him to the dr when they open at 7am. He just woke up at 5am with a fever of 101.5. That's the highest it's been all week but it has been at a steady 100.2 but we have been giving him advil and tylenol around the clock. I hope it's just a cold and not an infection bc I really don't want to give him an antibiotic, he hates taking medicine and cant imagine him liking anything.
Anyways, Curt was exhausted when I got home. Kenny wanted to be held the whole time and cried on and off for me. Poor thing!
Time to get ready...

Finishing up with a little dirt!

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