Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday I dont like you.

This morning started out great, took a hot shower got ready with plenty of time before Daddy and I had to go to conferences for Bella and Vivi. After that it all went downhill. Fast. We were running late because we hit every single red light on our way to school. Then we messed up the teachers schedules because of our tardiness. The girlsare doing great minus Vivi and her tendancy to snatch toys and other things from the children. Then we went to Curt's office, I dropped him off because his holiday party starts at 3pm and is hitching a ride with one of his co-workers to a restaurant in dc so that he can have a few cocktails. My mom texts me that she is now late to open her salon so I am rushing home. Kids are great when I am home, Kenny sleeping girls playing so I say, "lets bake Christmas cookies!"
They of course agree and we have fun baking away which takes all of ten minutes because they are those premade sugar cookies from Giant with the Christmas trees on them. Anyways, we bake them and I get Kenny up. We play and I start baking lunch as I am getting that ready I notice it is much too quiet. I go to the hall bathroom and Vivi and Kenny are having a toilet paper party. Vivi I guess went to the bathroom and then wiped herself a million times then proceeded to clog the toilet. Awesome! I cleaned up all the toilet paper then got the plunger after strapping Kenny in his high chair and giving the girls their lunch plates so they were out of the way while I attempted to plunge the toilet. Of course I had no idea what I was doing so after I plunged I flushed and with my luck it overflowed. That lead to water all over the bathroom and going into the hallway. What a freaking mess! Why is Vivian always making such a mess in the bathroom??!!! Ahhhh
Cleaned up floor, cloroxed the floor then put all the towels in the wash. Finished feeding the kids, cleaned up two poopey diapers and then put them to bed. As I was taking a glass to the sink I dropped it bc of course I was carrying too much at once. Glass shatters everywhere. Cant vaccuum or the kids will wake up. Ding dong goes the doorbell. Kids crying! 
I am really looking forward to dinner tonight with my girlfriends! Thank God for martinis on days like today.

This is me trying to use the bathroom while teeny tiny hands try to come in. Why can I not pee in peace?!

The calm before the storm.

Drink please?

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