Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Weekend


We had a long and very full weekend. It began with having family pictures with Blue Lily Photography in the afternoon a little before the girls would normally wake up from their afternoon nap. It was a bit cold but Wendy the photographer said that she got in some good pictures so I feel confident! Afterwards we promised Bella that we would go to Rio Grande for dinner. The other day we drove past it and she said, "Rio Grande!!" I said, "yes that is Rio Grande." She said, "maybe we go someday?" I said, "of course we will go someday!"
That's a half smile from Bella. I think she is all smiled out from her photo session!
Saturday afternoon we had Romeo's Christening in Bethesda. It was lovely, he was a perfect little angel. Romeo was "very attentive" said Father and we were all impressed by how well behaved he was. I love that little boy already and I can't wait to see him play with Bella and Vivi. I loved having cousins. We were all so close when we were growing up. Jen and I never had any boy cousins but we had plenty of girl cousins and it was always a big slumber party when we were together. I pray they are all close and look forward to family gatherings like we did growing up.


Sunday morning we went to Butler's Orchard to go Pumpkin picking! We met up with my sister Travis, her husband Lewis, my nephew Louie, my niece Brooke, Jen my sister, her husband George and their son Romeo. We had so much fun going from one activity to the next. We drank hot apple cider, ate cookies and had hot dogs! We are so very American but who doesn't want to be American this time of the year with delicious beers and football? Anyways, Bella loved the pony ride even though it doesn't look like it and Vivi loved the hayride. Brooke is so attentive to her cousins and is going to be a good mother. She is so caring and watches out for the little ones all of the time. 
 Every year we would go to the pumpkin patch but this year seemed very special, we were going for our children and they loved every minute of it. I can't wait to go next year!
                                      Holding hands and laughing on the car ride. So sweet!

                                              Aunt Jenny, Uncle George and Baby Romeo

                                                             and we are done...

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