Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Whole Foods then a quick stop!

The kids woke up from their nap so I decided to quickly take them to the grocery store before dinner. Bella said she wanted to take her baby who happens to be Vivi's new baby doll from her grandparents. She did such a great job tagging alongside her mama throughout the store. I have to say I am kinda in love with the fact that I don't have to stick her inside the cart anymore.

Vivi is still at the age where she wants to touch and grab everything. I have to push the cart so that it is perfectly in the center so that she doesn't take things off of the shelves on one side and doesn't start pushing the buttons on the credit card swipey machine.

After the grocery store I couldn't help but stop by this tree that I drove past on our way to the store. It was breathtaking. These are moments I hope I always remember with my kids. Bella was happy as can be throwing the leaves in the air and Vivi was busy exploring the colorful leaves in her tiny precious hands.
I love everything about Fall. The leaves changing color, the smells in the air, everything pumpkin and switching over to cozy clothes!

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