Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why am I blogging you ask?

I wanted to start a blog mainly for my children Bella and Vivian so they have memories of their childhood. I feel like so much of my childhood were cute stories told by my parent's but nothing was really written down. I figure maybe if I start blogging my children will have many stories they can share with their families. I just want to have memories that will last a lifetime and more! I think there are so many sweet moments throughout my day and I hope I can share and inspire other mother's to love the moments with their babies just the same. 

This past weekend we celebrated Vivi's first birthday. Vivi has always been a happy smiley baby since the day she was born. We have been completely in love with her since the moment we met eyes. I love her loud giggles and I love the way she is becoming best friends with her big sister Bella. I know these girls will be best friends or atleast that is what I hope!
We spent Friday night with my in laws eating Mexican food at Rio Grande and then going on a late night shopping trip to Costco with my hubby. Saturday we woke up early, had breakfast, showered, put kids down for their nap and quickly got everything in order for the early 11:00am birthday party. We had a good turn out with lots of good friends on our block and family. It was a lovely day and I hope Vivi has many many more years of happiness and birthdays to come! More pix to come!
          This is a picture of Bella she was on day three of her princess outfit!
Wed night: Vivi's birthday on Oct. 16, 2013

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