Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!

 Good morning everyone!! Vivi woke up this morning clinging to her blankie. Looks like we have another blankie sweet. Can you tell she just woke up?

 Our agenda for the day is to...
1) Nap time while mommy showers
2) Go to Bella's preschool so she can participate in her song and dance during the Halloween parade. So looking forward to this!!!
3) Lunch/Naps
4) Dinner with Aunt Jenny and Baby Romey
5) Photos in costumes
6) Trick or treating with neighbors!
7) Scary movie for Mommy and Daddy and maybe a Halloween cocktail :)
     Exciting stuff! 

A few pictures from last night. We finished carving our pumpkins, watched Halloween and roasted pumpkin seeds. How is it that my husband has never tried roasted pumpkin seeds nor has he ever heard of doing that. He thought I was fishing out all the seeds for an art project to do with Bella. He is definitely not from Maryland! 
Let me know if you want my recipe! I added a little Maryland love to it. I bet you can guess what ingredient I added! 😊
      Happy Halloween! Love, 
               The Cannons

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