Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Semi-Homemade costumes

Bella painting. About two minutes after I took this picture Vivi crawled over and stuck both hands into the cups of paint. Awesome

I always told myself I wanted to try to be one of those crafty moms that would make their kids Halloween costumes so, I attempted to do just that. I wouldn't say I failed miserably but I would say I used my hot glue gun a whole lot! I really wanted to try to sew and I attempted it but I then I just told myself Lynn, who are you kidding you studied Fine Art not Fashion. Overall, I think I did a pretty good job on their costumes and definitely spent under a hundred dollars total on both. (Not too bad right?)  Everyone calls me Martha Stewart but I am thinking I'm more like Sandra Lee. Hey, I like Sandra Lee she makes a cocktail with every meal she makes!
I will post pix after Halloween night because they look pretty sad unworn.

The other night Curt came home very excited to carve pumpkins with his two year old daughter. Bella was really excited to "do activity with Daddy." Bella sat down while I helped her draw a sad face on her pumpkin because that is what she wanted and that was about it! She is only a two year old so she lost interest pretty quickly. Daddy spent the remainder of the evening carving Bella and Vivi's pumpkins. He is such a good Daddy, I know next year she will want to do more so don't worry. Curt loves Halloween and he gets very excited to do these sort of things probably because he remembers doing them with his Dad. His parents love Halloween so much their picture was in the paper this year for their outdoor decorations. Pretty cute.
I love you Curt. I also love how you gave me a hug this morning and your after shave is still lingering on my cheek.

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