Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Parents Visit Bella at Potomac Glen Day School

Today was a very exciting day. Curt and I were able to go to Bella's school for Open House. Open House is when parents can come in for a few hours to visit their children in the classroom and observe and play. I worked at PGDS before I had kids and it is a wonderful preschool. I was so happy I am able to send Bella there. It always felt like a loving home away from home. I just knew Bella would love it there and today I think she loved it a little more because mommy and daddy were right next to her. I always thought about this day when I worked there and I have to say it was a little emotional! Seeing my "baby" participating at circle time, using glue and coloring was just precious. Her teacher's were sweet and patient just as I knew they would be. It was great visiting PGDS and I hope she stays just as happy there for a few more years.

We are also dealing with something else. Bella using curse words! The past two days Bella has been saying the D word and the S word. I told her that was not a nice word to say over and over but she kept saying it. Bella has a deep love for her blankie so I told her if she says it again I would take blankie away. There were no more bad words until Daddy was giving her a bath. She said it a few times and of course Curt was laughing every single time she said it which made her want to say it again and again. Curt would use his stern voice and say, "Bella don't say that again!" Then Bella would quietly say the D word. Next thing you know she is mouthing the D word which made him laugh even more.
I try very hard to not say "Oh my God" and I try hard never to use foul language with the kids around but sometimes they slip. I ask Bella where she hears it and she says, "Grammy" so maybe Grammy needs to have a time out!

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