Friday, October 10, 2014

Dear Curt,

Thank you so much for my sweet notes you leave me every morning or every other morning they make me happy and determined to start my day out on the right note with the girls. You make me want to be a better wife and a better momma. 

Thank you for ironing for me. You know I hate ironing and you do it every few weeks even after a long day at work.

Thank you for bringing home dinner on the nights where I have been too tired to cook because I've been having insomnia. 

Thank you for rubbing my back every night before bed.

Thank you for being the best daddy in the whole world and making it home for dinner every night so you can spend time with us eventhough I know you could have stayed at work much longer.

Thank you for killing crickets and spiders. 

Thank you for putting up outdoor Halloween decorations where I can't reach. 

Thank you for keeping me happy and giving me all the babies I want :)

I love you.

Your wife

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