Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My first weekend of October

The weather is getting cold! I love my Saturday mornings, I really look forward to them. We wake up, normal time of course (7am) get the kids up and head downstairs for breakfast then we sit around or clean up a little before we head out the door to ballet. I love my ballet Sat mornings with Bella. It is just the two of us. We get ready, go get coffee, then walk to ballet together hand in hand. I love this because I know it is something we will be doing for years. I could be completely wrong but I do think Bella is going to love ballet or dance for years to come or maybe it's just my dream :)
Afterwards we say goodbye to all the sweet mommies and other dancers and head home to Curt and his potty training session that should be taking place. I wonder how much Curt hates his Saturday mornings? 
This past Saturday the girls were recovering from a cough so we kept them in for most of the weekend. Curt and I bought tickets to a food and wine festival in Silver Spring with my sister Travis but it was really lacking both food and wine. They still of course had fun together then we went to Rock Bottom for some actual food and one more drink before we headed home. The girls were with their babysitter and Brooke my niece came to play with them for a few hours. 
We ordered a delicious pizza from Mama Lucia and watched TV for the rest of the cold windy night!
I love how there are so many scary movies on TV now that it's October! 
On Sunday we just stayed home and relaxed the whole day. I love lazy weekends!

I took Bella to CVS with me and she found a scary friend. Am I traumatizing my child? :/

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