Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Going to the zoo with Vivian

This morning Bella had her first field trip to the pumpkin patch! Bella was excited to go but I don't think she really knew what to expect. 
After breakfast Vivi and I got dressed and had a little field trip of our own since it was so warm out today. I love when we have these beautiful hot days in October when the leaves are changing color! 
We started out at the elephant house and worked our way over to see the panda bears where we saw the baby panda Bao Bao but he was hard to see since he was sleeping way up high in a tree. At first Vivi kept saying "no" because she was scared but then really started to enjoy all of the animals. We will definitely be back soon since this weather is so nice and they really are at the perfect age to get some energy out and enjoy the day seeing animals. 
Here are some pictures from today...

Bao Bao in the tree

Beautiful leaves changing color



Vivi making funny faces with the gorilla in the back!

Orangatan hanging out right above us. Kinda creepy

Yawning on her way home. Great morning spent with my Vivi

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