Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vivi 2 year check up

Vivi had her two year check up today and she is still in the 98% in height. Both of the girls have never failed to go below 95% in height since the day they were born. I wonder what that means about how tall they will be when they are adults. Some doctors say double it and that will be their height as adults at two. If that is the case she would be 6'2" which sounds crazy to me. I rarely see women who are that tall and I am only 5'5" and Curt is 5'10" his dad and my dad are over 6 ft but still...
We will see.

She cried more than half the time we were there. Bella stopped crying when she went to the dr at around 2 1/2 but I have a feeling Vivi will be crying for another year or two. Bella doesn't even cry anymore when she gets shots, she is so strong. It's so funny how different their  personalities are. 

We are both exhausted now and it's only 11:15am. It's a rainy and dreary day here in Md and I didn't fall asleep until after midnight because Curt had his last Mason meeting. He is officially a mason now! I love that he is following the footsteps of my dad and grandfather. He really likes to do things for my dad and that is just one more thing I love about him. I just wish these meetings didn't run so late, I can never fall asleep without him. 

I plan on taking a nap today and hopefully relaxing all day. Tomorrow I am going to be baking for the majority of the day. I promised 8 baked goods by Friday for Bella's school which means 8 hours added for the year. We have a requirement of completing 20 hours for the shool year or we have to pay $500. I plan on trying to get my hours completed before this baby comes!
I am so excited to see him, I'm starting to get anxious! The crib is arriving next week and his bedding is coming on Friday. We got the chair and ottoman for his room so now all we need is a changing table/dresser a little end table and I need to call next day blinds to get black out blinds! We are counting down only 79 days left! 
Here I come third trimester!! 
28 weeks! 

Sweet baby not crying waiting for her shots to come :(

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