Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baby size and baby due date

I was just looking on facebook and a friend from college had a baby that was 9lbs 14 ounces! Now that is a big baby! It got me a little nervous actually because my mother in law was telling me that Curt was 9lbs but Curt says no way he was 8lbs. I tried to look for his birth certificate in our file box but no certificate-shocker. I found out that I was 7lb 4, Bella was 7lb 3, and Vivi was 7lb 14. Vivi was induced so she was 40 weeks and Bella came ten days before my due date. 
I wish someone could just tell me when this baby is coming. I don't know why I am getting so anxious. Well, I do know why because I always get anxious weeks before my babies come. I am definitely not one of those women who just rest and relax wanting to keep the baby in. I want to see my baby, nurse my baby, stare at my baby for hours, smell my baby and sleep with my baby! Hahaha i am just so excited to meet this little bundle of joy. I can not believe I am going to be a mommy to a boy. It's so strange that i will have a son. I know I sound like a broken record but I am just getting so excited!! Eeeeeeee
We have a sonogram coming up in two weeks to see how big the baby is just so we have an idea of how big the baby will be. 
Time to start decorating this house! Bella said it's time to take down the Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations and I think she is right. 
I want to know when other's had their third baby. I know it is different for everyone but I love hearing! 

Today I was able to get a babysitter for Bella since she has been sick at home all week and I took Vivi to her gymboree class. She absolutely loves this place! 

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