Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is it me or do teenagers have it easier these days?

Are teenagers so bombarded with ADD, anxieties, depression, and other ailments that they are using these problems as an excuse or are we making an excuse for them as parents?
As a teenager I personally was depressed for about a year when I was 13 and then again when I was 17 and my sister left for college along with other stresses. I was not on any medication for it but I knew I was definitely depressed. My parents probably knew it too but they never really talked to me about it. They went to work every day they treated me the same and they put me to work. They never gave me special treatment and I actually think that made me stronger and helped me work through my problems. I know not everyone is the same and people have different levels of depression, etc., but sometimes I think as a society today we medicate our children too much and make excuses for them so they have an easy life and less complicated life. Everywhere I look parents want to keep their children in a bubble so nothing harms them. I get it. I probably do the same to a certain level but then I realize what are they really getting out of me sheltering them to this extent?
Kids and teenagers need to be outside, off their phones and engaging with other people. People say computers are going to take over the world and soon there wont be jobs because everything will be done from home...well, I think great everyone works from home what will that mean for our society? Will we be hermits, not socializing, not going to happy hours, not really making friends, not dating? It's scary to think about it to be honest. I wish I could see more teenagers having a good conversation face to face instead of tweeting about a car going down the street or a new selfie they just posted. 
We need to get our heads away from our phones and start socializing with people. Kids need to have manners, smile, engage. I feel like I see more and more kids who can't say hello and parents talking for them, what will this mean for our future. 

I went to a shower a few weeks ago and there were two teenage girls at my table and they could not get off their phones. Once we started talking about this topic they finally got off their phones and tried to prove to us that they actually could carry on a conversation with strangers. I had to give them props for that. 

People are already rude let's not make it any worse parents. Let your kids speak, tell them to stay off their phones bc it's rude and let your kids work in a social environment so they can communicate with others. 

Ok, im done ranting for today. Have a great Wednesday! 

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