Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Two sisters forming their friendship before my eyes

LifeThese girls are the light of my life. I am so lucky & happy to be their momma. Bella has had a little fever the past two days so she has stayed home and we have been having so much fun making projects, cooking, doing puzzles, and watching movies together. I love them so much they are quickly becoming best friends and it is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. They make each other  laugh uncontrollably, they hold hands, they sit next to eachother during meals, they watch tv together, they even fight together and laugh while doing it. I hope this connection lasts until they are old and grey because there is nothing greater than a sister. It is something special that not everyone can have but if you are lucky enough to have one you need to cherish it. 
I actually feel bad for this baby boy growing in me because there is already a two year age gap and they are already best friends who I know will gang up against him. This will be my chore on a regular to try to include him on whatever it is that they are playing even if it's beauty salon. This of course will make me want to have one more so it's fair for him. 😁😄
Here are some sweet pictures of then the last two days playing together. I hope they read this blog when they are older during an argument and realize that whatever they are fighting about is not a big deal in the large scheme of things. Life will move on, friends will come and go but sisters will always be there for you in the end no matter what. I want to teach them that they need to support one another on any accomplishment and always be happy for each other. Never be jealous because she is your sister. I want them to be each other's cheerleader..
Not so clear but they were running holding hands in their pj's. 

Reading books & doing puzzles

Sitting next to each other on spaghetti sunday

Laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing.
Playing in the car together
Princess pjs 

Momma loves you two. More than you will ever know. 

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