Friday, November 1, 2013

Post Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Baby Romeo, Bella and Vivi trying to smile after trick or treating...exhausted

So Vivi was The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Bella was the butterfly! 

It was really an exhausting night! Today should be a holiday for parents. We quickly fed the kids dinner last night, rushed to put costumes on and then ran out the door before it got too late. Vivi's costume was just too small on her and we couldn't even strap her in her stroller because it was one whole piece kind of like a sleep sack. Anyways Curt ended up holding her the whole evening. We went trick or treating which of course was so much fun. Bella loved every minute of it and did a great job saying "trick or treat!" "Happy Halloween!!" and she said "thank you." It's really an overwhelming night for these kids when they are so young. I think a bit overstimulating for two year olds but she was a trooper. I mean come on, bright lights, scary noises, scary people in costumes, eating candy, staying up past bedtime. It's totally worth it in the end and I know she will be talking about Halloween for months.
              My mom and Vivi
     Poor Bella just takes the baby abuse

This has nothing to do with Halloween but I happened to stop by Starbucks this morning and I was handed this! Yes, we are in the holiday season people! Cheers! Ding!!!

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