Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pictures from my iphone lately

Good morning!! We lasted one day cold and runny nose free then yesterday Bella came down with a cold and a fever...ugh. It is literally never ending around here. I think I have aged this year because I never sleep!!!! Curt has been fighting off a cold for three weeks then this past weekend he came down with a bad cough and sore throat. Luckily he ran to the dr and they gave him a Z pack aaaaallalalalalala those things are the best! Luckily, I have been cold free! 
Curt most likely handed his cold down to Bella. Poor baby was coughing all night long and there's only so many things we can give her at that age. She was still full of energy this morning and all day yesterday, so much that I had to remind her to calm down and not use up so much of her energy! 
Here are some pictures from the past few's been a little crazy at the Cannon household!

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