Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sick sick sick sick sick babies

What we have been doing the past two weeks...a whole lotta nothin.'

Bella has pretty much missed school for the whole month of Decmeber and before that she missed 16 days total! Things at the Cannon household are not so bueno. I could really use a long vacation by myself right about now. Bella now has walking pneumonia but actually seems like she is doing a little better today! The Dr. changed prescriptions for her and put her on the z pack. I really hope she is doing better in a few days. It would be nice if she were healthy on Christmas.
Vivian is sick too surprise surprise. I am waiting to hear back from the dr on whether or not they will be putting her on an antibiotic. They gave her a nose culture test yesterday so we will see. She is pretty sick with a nasty cough and a nose that runs constantly. 
I am starting to feel like I am coming down with a cold too but I think my body is trying to fight it off. I feel run down at night and in the morning but pretty good throughout the day. 

Dear Lord please get us healthy! I am so tired of cold after cold after cold. 

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