Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Kenny!

Dear Kenny,
You have been such an amazing addition to our growing family. You fit right in and I know you will be best buddies with your daddy very soon, watching sports together, filling out brackets, kicking the soccer ball around and so much more! The girls are completely in love with you and are ready for another baby just like you. Mommy might not be though. 
I am going to miss all of your baby qualities this year, you are becoming a big boy. Soon you will be walking on your own, talking up a storm and getting into lots of things around the house. 
I love how you cuddle us daily, you are such a loving baby. You smile, laugh and play with all of us. You are trying so hard to talk and imitate our sounds. You eat everything in sight, I still have not found one thing you don't like to eat.
You don't like TV yet which is perfectly fine with me!
You love getting into Honey's food and shutting doors.
You love Mr. Bunny, the second you lay eyes on him your two right hand fingers immediately go into your mouth and you hold him with your left hand very close and very tight. You can't sleep without him.
You love blankets and getting cozy.
You love water and splashing.
You love playing in your room.
You love going for walks.
You are so easy you switched from breast milk to formula to whole milk so easily!
You love crawling up the stairs and when you get to the top you stop bc you dont want it to end.
You love being held
You love to explore
You love to throw your water and laugh
You are the best! We all love you to the moon and back!
Never grow up Mr. Cannon!

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