Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kenny's 1st Birthday celebration

Last Friday night we celebrated Kenny's birthday since Curt had a dinner meeting on Thursday night the day of Kenny's birthday. 
I made chicken pot pie and a football cake for him. We were supposed to have family over on Sunday for the game but since everyone including Daddy were sick we decided to stay in and have a quiet little celebration for him. We still have a football theme and the girls were so excited they made me put my jersey on and they put theirs on too. 
We ate our yummy dinner, had cake and ice-cream and had a family movie night. It was a long week of colds so we were all happy to sit around the TV with the fireplace on and snuggle. 
Kenny was adorable, he loved his balloons, his food and his cake! He even smiled on demand!!! We couldn't love him more. He has had such a growth spurt this past week, he has a total of six words as of today they are: mama, dada, hi, no, bub (bubble not really a word but im happy!) and go! 
He learned the word go because he always climbs up the stairs and goes so slowly bc he doesn't want it to end do I say "go, go, go!" He started repeating after me haha
Here are some pictures from the day! 
Picture for Baby Kenny "our family" love, Bella

Bella took this, its dark and the picture is messed up (kenny's ear and jaw) and my shoulder haha but still cute. Hey, a 4 yr old took it!
Bella took about 35 pictures of these balloons so I figured I should save one!

Mommy's chicken pot pie

Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy. We love you! 

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