Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rest? HA!

This morning I woke up feeling like I am coming down with a cold! Ugh!!! Curt came home last night coughing and he was a of course I now am getting it and want to cry. I felt so run down all day but I also felt like I needed to get a lot done around the house. Tomorrow I will most likely pay the price! I cleaned the whole kitchen, like deep clean from cleaning the cabinets to cleaning the stove to scrubbing my kettle with baking soda :/
Then I made my way to the hall bathroom cleaned that, cleaned the dust off of the wainscoting. Cleaned the girls jack and jill. Cleaned my bathroom and did two loads of laundry. I felt like I had so much time because Curt dropped the girls off this morning and even picked them up! Kenny was able to have a good long uninterrupted nap and I was able to clean! I feel like when I drop the girls off every morning it doesn't leave me much time to do deep cleaning. You have to be in the mood! I cant believe I was seeing as how I feel like I am getting sick. I haven't coughed but my body feels weak. I hate hate that feeling, all I have been doing is drinking tons and tons of water. I had my morning vitamins, ate breakfast and took an emergenC. I had a good lunch too. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow, wahhh!
Ok stop complaining Lynn.
Snow is coming!!! So exciting, there is a lot to do. I went to Target yesterday and then realized I am not even sure if the girls have snow boots that fit them. God it is such a pain every year we have to buy more snow boots for one big snow storm and then thats it! Anyone else have this problem?! Haha!!
I plan on making some beef stew on Friday night or maybe Saturday. Last night I made a really yummy meatball soup, Rachael Ray had a show yesterday where she made a meatball soup and it looked so filling and comforting so it was perfect since Curt was getting sick. 
It was really easy to make too.

Here is a picture of what it looked like in the end. I would highly recommend to use lean beef so it is not greasy.

I tweaked the recipe a bit and skipped the cheese to make it a little healthier. 

Happy prepping for the snow everyone!

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