Thursday, January 28, 2016

Blizzard 2016

Teeth galore coming in!
Relaxing after sledding all morning!

I kept the kids home today. We had the biggest snow storm ever! We had about 20"+ that came last friday. It's been a week and we only left the house twice. It has been so nice to spend time with my family, good quality time. Curt took the kids sledding almost every single day and they loved it! I of course had to stay home with the baby, as expected but I loved it!
Curt and I went to dinner on Monday night then on Wednesday night the girls wanted to go out to dinner too. We went to Rock Bottom both nights! I am in love with their wings and beer so we indulged. Then on Wednesday night the girls wanted to go there too. It really is a kid friendly bar/ restaurant with great food for the kids. Bella had chicken tenders, Vivi had her own pizza and dipped her crust in the ranch dressing haha and Kenny had a grilled cheese sandwich along with a little bit of chicken and french fries. 
Here are some pictures from our blizzard of 2016!
The calm before the storm


Pretending they are Cindy Lou Hoo

Drew a picture at Rock Bottom of Jade and Bella. First time she has been there since the summer!

Playing independently 
Taking a picture with my snow bunny

Mommy got busy in the kitchen during nap time

Silly girl

Loving her chocolate chip cookies in milk

Lots of mimosas in our snowy glasses!

BLT's for lunch

So much snow!

I wonder if we will get more?! Eeeee

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