Monday, January 4, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!

This past week was really difficult! Curt had back surgery on Monday so I have been nursing him back to health along with taking care of the kiddos. It hasn't been easy but we are all alive and well. Vivi and Kenny are both on antibiotics, Kenny had an ear infection and Vivi had a long lasting cold/cough that turned into a sinus infection and then she got pink eye from the mucus in her sinuses!!! Ahhhh Merry Christmas!!! On top of all that I am sick and I have been trying to fight it off for days but it's just not happening! 
Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong! 
I hope you are having a better Christmas this year than us! Last night I did go to my friend's house and she made me a drink, we shared our crazy stories and it's nice to know I'm not the only one with problems around the holidays! 

Hopefully this weekend will be better though! Sorry to sound like a debbie downer but this was my reality the past couple days. I am just happy Curt is recovering and getting a little bit better. He picked up our cold so he is fighting a fever but he seems to be okay. 

It seems that every Christmas hasn't been our best the past three years. When Bella was two she had pneumonia...ruined Christmas! Last year I was pregnant and having contractions. My parents were bedridden with the flu. Not so much this. 
Every year I say this Christmas will be the best. I am not gonna say it this year!  Haha!
This morning we managed to bake/burn some Christmas cookies...baking is not my strong suit. I really need to use the timer! 

How do you decorate your house with Christmas cards? 
I remember my grouchy Aunt used to open them and throw them directly into the trash can! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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