Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Live your life and spend your time wisely

This New Years Eve was spent with new friends made this past year. We ate dinner, had drinks, walked home and celebrated with a bottle of champagne at midnight. We had such a great time singing, dancing and easy flowing conversation with lots of laughter. None of us even picked up our phones, maybe only to take silly pictures...but we really had a great night. 

I love being around people who make me laugh and don't take themselves too seriously. I want the rest of the year to be the same but obviously maybe not as crazy! I just want to have fun, live in the moment with my little family, smile, laugh, converse, and love! This is what life is really all about. 

I felt like the two weeks spent at home with my kids all day really benefitted them, I noticed they would hug me more, kiss me without asking and say "i love you mommy" without me saying it first. It's not always about the amount of time you spend with your children it is truly about the quality of time you spend with them or anyone for that matter. 

I am not really one to say I plan on setting New Years resolutions but I do plan on spending less time on my phone when I am with my children, more time really listening and interacting with them, playing pretend with them and loving them unconditionally. Time is already flying for me, today I was researching summer camps and deadlines for some camps end in a week. There is always so much rush in our lives I just want to slow it down and live life to the fullest. You never know when it will end.

This morning a pedestrian was hit by a bus about five minutes before I came to the intersection. It caused so much traffic and I was rushing to get home to put Kenny down for a nap before my dr. appointment. While I was stuck in traffic I couldn't stop thinking about the person who was hit after I heard he/she died. I was thinking about the family, what he/she was thinking about on the walk before it happened. Where they were going? How bad was it? What was the bus driver doing? What were the peoole on the bus doing? Crying? Yelling at the bus driver? How long did it take for police to arrive why didnt they live when paramedics were directly across the street? Anyways, life is short. We never know when our time is going to come to an end so I want to enjoy it. I want my kids to live their lives to the fullest and never have any regrets. I pray they live till they are old and grey. I pray they are safe and smart. 

I guess that's why I wanted to write this blog. I never know when my time might come and I never got to say everything I wanted to say to them. 

Eat McDonalds...sometimes. It tastes good and you know you love it. 

Have a milkshake...sometimes. It tastes really freaking good!

Grow your bangs out. Haha i had to gotta love the mrs. Brady look


Most importantly smile 

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