Monday, January 4, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I hoestly feel like I sometimes never have time for myself these days. I have been horrible about blogging only because I don't have down time like I used to.

Christmas was CRAZY! That's the only word for it. The kids were luckily healthy enough on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning but on Christmas day I was pretty sick, I even had a fever. We all had fun opening presents, the kids loved every second of it. Christmas evening we went over to my parents house for dinner. My mom outdid herself by cooking a turkey and having all of the side dishes we had on Thanksgiving along with a honey baked ham. It was so yummy. We went home at around 6:45 and we were all asleep at 7:00! 

Sunday I was feeling better and we hosted The Cannon Christmas party. It was honestly too much. We had Curt's back surgery, kids recovering along with me blowing my nose every five minutes!
Luckily Nancy brought a smoked turkey and a ham along with a side dish so I didn't have to do much cooking. I still made meatballs, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, with fruit and veggies along with dessert. 
My sister in law arrived with mimosas so that immediately made me feel better hahaha! Everyone had a great time, the weather was so warm 70° so we spent time out on the porch and had the windows and doors open all day. So strange for December!! The kids had a blast taking turns singing Christmas songs on their new microphone. They all were very spoiled by their grandmother and everyone was stuffed-way too much food!

I told Curt next year we are flying to Roatan the day of Christmas and skipping Christmas gatherings all together. It's just too much! I feel like I am still recovering and now tonight is New Years Eve!

I hope everyone has a lovely New Years Eve and a happy New Year! 
I don't make resolutions only because I try to better myself daily. Have a good night! Xo

She has been wearing this since Christmas morning! Favorite gift!

Me vacuuming and Kenny scared to death with his bunny and fingers in mouth.

Getting ready for The Cannons

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