Tuesday, November 12, 2013

7 day Body Cleanse? We'll see how this goes...

This weekend was lots of fun but I think Curt and I thought we were in our early twenties and could stay up late, which we can't. Normally we are in bed by nine o' clock. 

Friday was pretty low key. Curt came home early so we all got in the car and headed to Barnes and Noble. We promised Bella a new video so we looked around and decided on Mulan after much debate. Bella kept saying, "I cant believe I found this!" It was pretty adorable and she sounded so grown up. We saw the Christmas tree right outside of the store and took a few pix. Bella looks so happy and I can tell this will be a very memorable year for us all. Bella is so excited to have Santa come visit her. She is already listening to Christmas music on my phone and is reading Twas the Night Before Christmas daily :)

Afterwards we went to our Friday hang out at Rio Grande. It's probably the most kid friendly restaurant in Bethesda. Here is a picture of Vivi sucking on a lime. We thought it was pretty precious.
       I love this little thing.

On Saturday we went to Clemyjontri park in Va for the morning to meet up with one of my friends. Danielle has a great website called Tiny Trots and it is very helpful for moms in the washington/va/md area. There are lots of places she lists on her site of events and activities happening at the time and it's really useful. I thought that was a great idea to make a website that is so easy to use so you dont have to search and search on the internet for something to do with your kids. 
Later in the day we met up with friends of Curt's at The Barking Dog while the kids were napping then got the same babysitter to come watch the girls after bedtime. It was nice getting together with friends and having adult beverages but we definitely paid for it the next day. We went to bed way too late. We don't do that often but even when we do we hate ourselves for it. 
I decided to do a 7 day body cleanse that I found at Whole Foods today. Maybe I will blog about it to let you how it goes. It's a whole lot of pills so I am a little nervous but I feel like my body needs it! Especially after this past weekend. 

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