Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back to the body cleanse...

So I finished my body cleanse and probably lost a pound or two. My scale doesn't work hahaha so that is an issue. I am either 117 or 120 on my scale. If it goes to 117 for a second then to 120 I figure I lost a pound or two. Maybe Santa will bring me an accurate scale that works for Christmas. 
I definitely noticed that my pants fit much better and I'm pretty sure I lost all water weight. I just felt a little bit more healthy overall and less bloated.
Doing the cleanse was beneficial because I think it puts you in the mindset of ok I want to eat healthy and make better choices. So in the mornings I am having carbs but I am having a small bowl of honey nut cheerios with a cup of coffee or green tea. Light healthy snacks throughout the day (nuts, fruit, etc) with mainly protein for lunch and lots of water. I try to have a balanced dinner and I am keeping away or having small portions of rice/cous cous/pasta.
I am just thinking about the holidays and how close we are to eating all of those delicious cookies, turkey, stuffing and pie galore so I figure why not lose a few pounds before we indulge?
Now on that note...im gonna go prep thanksgiving cookies! Hahaha! 
Happy Tuesday everyone!! 

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