Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday Funday

My niece Brooke playing with the girls before nap time. 

We had a good friend of Curt's come over to see the girls and to watch the Redskins game yesterday. Clint worked with Curt in the past and they became close friends. Clint is such a good guy and has such a good heart. I hope he is coming over for years to come. He is so good with kids and Im sure he will be an amazing daddy when the time comes. 

I made butternut squash soup and brats for our early dinner. Im in love with butternut squash soup, I think I could eat it daily. Afterwards, we went across the street to my parents house. My sister Jen her husband George, baby Romeo, my other sister Travis, and my niece Brooke were all over there watching the game. It's nice every Sunday we have been getting together for dinner there. My mom made soup and Travis made chili so there was tons of food all around! The kids had a blast playing the piano, listening to music and dancing. Here are some pictures below...

Today my mother in law is going to have surgery on a hernia she has had for awhile so we are keeping her in our prayers.

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