Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day at the mall

Today I had to go to the mall to pick up my contacts. We walk around a little then of course head to the kiddie play yard that they have in the middle of the mall. It's not my favorite place in the world bc of the millions of germs that my kids clearly don't need bc they are always sick but its mainly the guilt that takes over. I mean they are being sweet little angels all buckled up in their stroller for awhile that you just feel bad for them after so long. I let them play, they of course had so much fun making new friends running and exploring possibly picking up a new virus.
It's funny bc there were so many times before I became a mother where I told myself I will never ever do this or that. Now that I AM a mother I laugh at myself for being so blind. I completely understand why parents do the things they do. 
I remember I told myself I would never be that cruel parent that puts their kid on a leash. Well, when you are in a crowd and your kid wants to walk that's what you do and we have two leashes.
I told myself I would never be one of those bad parents that takes their kids to a bar on a Saturday. Well, we've taken the kids to bars a few times and we'll do it again. We aren't being bad parents we are being social normal parents that need to have fun too. 
There are probably many more examples but those are just a few. 

Vivi sitting on some little girl in the tunnel.
Me: "oh im sorry honey, is she hurting you sitting on top of you?"
Little girl: "yes"
Little girl doesnt move when I take Vivi off
Me: "well you should probably not lay in the tunnel or you might get hurt again."
Little girl doesnt move.

Sheer fear in Bella's eyes! This Christmas will be so fun!!

This was taken about 5 min before Vivi had explosive diarrhea when we got home. Fun times!

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