Saturday, November 23, 2013

Date night :)

Happy Friday everyone,
God I love the weekends! Finally I get a minute to breath and not run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Today was a HARD Friday. I had runny noses, bella was up ALL last night coughing, there was lots of diarrhea and so the house was a mess. However, I tackled all of it early this morning and throughout the day and still had time to take a shower and blow dry my hair for my date tonight. Curt and I haven't gone out in a very long time just the two of us. I actually remember the last time and it was after Back to School night which was early September. People it's late November. Tonight won't be the most memorable or exciting but I like low key Friday nights and so does Curt. We have a babysitter coming in a half hour (im still in my pj's) and we have a movie at 7:10 we are seeing the new Tom Hanks movie. Then hopefully hitting up Rosa Mexicano for a late night dinner. Sounds like a perfect night to me! I really wanted to see Catching Fire but the thought of being around teenagers with their loud annoying voices, clapping and texting turns me off. We are going to the fancy Mazza Gallery to be in the 21+ theatre where we can sip cocktails while watching Mr. Hanks. I love him! I love anyone right now! Im just so happy to not have to clean up poop for a few hours. Did I mention Vivi has a virus of some sort? I was covered in Desitin today and it was not awesome.
What are you doing tonight?
And she opened her mouth when i was giving her a kiss! 
        Goodnight! Xoxo

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