Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sick day

Bella took a sick day today...again. She has been sick now for over two months, pretty much the week after she started school she came down with a cold that refuses to leave. I feel so bad for her she is constantly blowing her nose and coughing and it makes me sad. I just want it to be gone already. We finally got her on an antibiotic 2 weeks ago but it really didn't work so I am taking her back to the dr. today to see what they say. Taking two kids to the dr is never easy. I pray this is the last time for awhile! 

Watching a little Finding Nemo after naps.

I love you Bella. Im sorry you are sick and I hope you get better soon! I know you are tired of your nose running. This picture above was taken while Bella was telling us the states she knows. We have an atlas "allison" that she reads religiously. We ask her where a state is and she uses a q-tip as her pointer. 

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