Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sick weekend

Curt came down with a little cold so we have been laying low this weekend for the most part. 
On Friday we had some friends come over to play with Bella and Vivi in our basement. We pushed back the couches and made lots of room for them to have play space. We listened to disney songs, ate pirate booty and had pizza. I think they had a great time. I know my little Vivi did she ate all the pizza she could get her hands on. 

Today we ran errands we went to the mall and accidentally ran into Santa Claus...then went to Costco. Our Saturday's are getting out of control!! I saw Santa and was a little taken back by it because it is only november 16th so it is BEFORE Thanksgiving!!! Why is Santa at the mall before Thanksgiving? Well, I told Bella that he happened to stop by to take a few pictures with the boys and girls to see how they were acting. Then... Santa'a helper happened to mention to Santa that we were looking at him. He glanced up with a smile to Bella and she walked away frightened saying, "Santa not scary." 
Yup, I think we will have another year of crying screaming children with Santa. 

Tonight we all went to dinner with the family. We came home took baths and the kids went to bed. I happened to stay up to watch a movie called "A Good Woman" and there was a quote at the end of the movie that was so perfect but I hate the word perfect so it was awesome..."We can't shut our eyes to everything that isn't perfect...otherwise we might fall into a huge abyss." There is no perfect but we try everyday to make things as great as they can be. 

I love you Curt.

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