Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall cookies and antibiotics galore!

Yesterday morning I called my pediatrician and basically put my foot down that the Dr. needed to send Bella an antibiotic ASAP! I couldn't take it anymore. My poor little girl has been really sick since September. The last antibiotic they gave her did not work at all and I knew it after the first few days. Luckily she sent me one so she began it yesterday. I haven't seen much difference yet so hopefully by tomorrow she will be getting better. Vivi is teething right now so she has been uncomfortable too, waking up at night and she also has a slight fever. 

The girls napped a lot, played in the basement and watched Beauty and the Beast. We also made fall/Thanksgiving cookies but they might not last for Thanksgiving! Bella had so much fun decorating them. She kept saying, "I need to do this" as she would take sprinkles and shove them in her mouth or "I need to do this" and take a bite out of a cookie.

Today Bella is taking the day off from school so she can rest. She still has a very runny nose so I hate sending her in. Here are some pictures from this morning. They are getting cozy on the couch watching cartoons. 
I am going to make some chicken noodle soup for these sweet babies. They love it and so do we! It's such a cold day today so it's a perfect day to make it.
  I love my sickies 

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