Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I love my job

It's 7:40pm right now and I just looked at myself in the mirror for what feels like the first time. I look like a mix of a gym bunny and Warren Jeff's sixth wife because my hair is doing a strange poof thing at the top. 
Did I mention I love my job? Well, I do! I love waking up to sweet sleepy eyed angels and I love spending my time with them and watching them grow. I feel like Vivi is really really growing a lot recently. She is on the cusp of learning how to walk on her own but she is taking her time. I love everything about this girl and I love her even more now that she is not teething at the moment and is sleeping eleven hours straight. I took the girls to the park today after naps and Vivi was having the time of her life. She has mastered the slide and now wants to crawl up it and go down the slide all by herself. It makes me sad seeing my baby grow up and want to do things on her own but I am also very grateful that she is able to be so smart and strong. Vivi I love how you eat everything I make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love how you smile and laugh all the time. I love how you come looking for me when you want to be held and cry if I walk past you.  I love how you come give us hugs on our legs when Daddy and I are eating dinner. I love that you watch movies with Bella and pay attention so closely. I love that you put up with Bella when she sits on your lap or bothers you. I love how you stick your hands underneath yourself when you give us hugs and want to snuggle. You are such a sweet baby and I wish you could remain my sweet baby forever. Please stop growing.

I found this little monkey at the top of the stairs while I was already outside putting Bella in the stroller yesterday. So much for baby proofing. 
She is a climber :) like my messy house?

Bella I love you too. Today you made me so happy and proud to be your mommy. You make me laugh every single day and you put a smile on everyone's face. I love that you are in a Disney girlie phase and when you do something great you put your arms out like Rapunzel when she is singing the last note of her song. I love that I can already see the maternal insticts in you when you feed, clothe and carry your baby. I love that you sing all the time. I love that you love to learn. I love that you would rather stay at home with me than go to school. I love that you love to eat fruit and vegetables. I love that you love to run. I love that you love your "Vivsta." I love that you love your friends and your family. I love how you say things twice when you love them like, "jen jen" or "move move" (movie), blank blank (blankie). I love that you hold Vivi's hand in the car when she is sad. I love all of you. 

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