Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I got the bug! Grrrrrr

Of course I ended up getting the D bug! Ugh! Hopefully it's gone by Thursday so I can eat whatever I want and I also hope my husband doesn't get it. Oh well, I'm just glad the girls are starting to feel better. 

Today we spent the day inside because of all the rain. There will be snow tomorrow into Thursday up north but I doubt we will get any. It would be so nice if we had a snowy Thanksgiving though. 
We spent most of the day in the basement making art, playing with toys and listening to Christmas music! Tis the season!! I love these girls to death they are so sweet. I am so glad they have each other to play with everyday. They laugh and love to play peek a boo it's so cute to hear them laugh hysterically to such a silly little game. 
Highlight of my day: seeing Vivi take her first steps to me! Good job Vivi!!!!
I made chicken pot pie for dinner the girls loved it and no one was sick besides me!

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